Pre-school Classroom B

Preschool is an exciting new chapter in your child’s life, and our teachers are prepared to nurture children’s cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative development. Children build confidence through fun, engaging activities while our teachers partner with you to build your child’s desire to learn and explore. They use multiple forms of ongoing assessment to evaluate students' performance and development in different learning domains and share progress with you throughout the year.

Our Balanced Learning® System helps children establish The Right Foundation to Build Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

Active Minds

  • During the Small Group Academic Instruction part of the day, teachers conduct math and reading lessons in a small group while other children rotate independently through learning centers.
  • Primrose Preschool Reading Readiness activities enable teachers to build your little one’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Teachers use our Primrose Friend, Peanut the Pony, to teach theme related vocabulary. They introduce sound letter associations, play word games and highlight the use of rhyme and alliteration in specially chosen books and nursery rhymes.
  • Our teachers support Math Development using the Big Math for Little Kids™ math program from Pearson Pre-K–12 Education. This program builds upon what young children already know and are capable of doing mathematically. It is extensively research-based and field tested with backing by the National Science Foundation and has been proven to prepare children for math success in the future.
  • Say “Hola!” to Primrose Friend, Arturo the Burro, who introduces your child to the language, customs and vocabulary of his native country Mexico through our Mucho Mundo® Spanish Program.
  • Your child moves and grooves to the Rhythm & Notes® with music from The Music Class® curriculum. Our preschool teachers sing, dance and play instruments with your child to build an understanding and appreciation of music. Our program immerses children in the language and joy of music at school and at home.

Healthy Bodies

  • Physical activity is part of everyday play with our skill-sequenced Thumbs Up!® Physical Development and Health Program. Your child participates in daily indoor and outdoor activities that provide opportunities to learn and practice physical skills and build a healthy body.

Happy Hearts

  • Each month teachers use our Primrose Friends to introduce different character traits through stories, discussion and role-playing in our character development program, Posies and Pollywogs®. Children learn the meaning and importance of traits like generosity, compassion and gratitude.
  • Our Helping Hands® Program teaches your child the importance of giving to others through activities like Precious Pets – collecting food for animal shelters – and our Caring & Giving Food Drive – completing chores at home to earn money to purchase food to donate to help those in need in our community.


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