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Primrose is an accredited, private preschool that provides a premier educational child-care experience. As the Leader in Educational Child Care®, we partner with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Take a peek inside a typical Primrose School to see where the magic happens.

Safety at Primrose

Safety is the top priority for each of our Primrose schools, and we know that this priority is shared by all of our parents.

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School Accreditations

Parents choose Primrose education because they know our high quality standards are based on the latest research and successful professional practices. You can put your trust in Primrose Schools.

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My children are the most important things in my life. We moved our 18 month old to Primpose last month and my only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner. My daughter has gone from a frustrated biter to a relaxed toddler that can use sign and other communications to express herself at school. In 15 years of parenting I have never experienced a more loving and nurturing environment outside of the home. Even the area director knows who we are. Each and every interaction blows me away. We truly heart Primrose :)

Sabrina Permuth

We would have never thought that Brandt's transition period would have taking as little time as it has being that he comes part-time and also considering he did not take well to others including close family and friends! We give a lot of credit to Ms. Wilson (morning Early Preschool teacher) for the success of his transition! We strongly believe how you start your day, sets the tone for your day. The love and nurturing he continues to receive from Ms. Wilson, Miss Thach, Mrs. Baines and the staff at Primrose School has conditioned Brandt to behave more positively towards individuals in all of his daily interactions outside of Primrose. He feels more comfortable/trusting to interact with individuals (adults) that speak to him or that he comes in contact with, no longer feeling timid or resistant to them or their words.

Camino S. Gibbs