Our People

Our People

One reason parents choose Primrose is the assurance that they know they are leaving their children with qualified, caring professionals. Our annual parent surveys consistently indicate that other than the recommendation of a friend, the next most important reason a parent chooses a particular school for their children is the quality and expertise of the staff. We recruit individuals who share our vision, values, love for children, and dedication to high-quality early childhood education.

Our Vision:  To deliver the best and most trusted early childhood education and child-care services for families across America.

We strive to commit to being at our personal and professional best each day because we realize we are role models for the children.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – Living with personal and professional honesty
  • Fairness – Treating others with respect
  • Social Responsibility – Giving without expecting
  • Enthusiasm – Serving with passion

Our Principles of Service:

  • Approach each day with joy
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Connect with warmth and sincerity
  • Deliver the WOW experience

With passionate management team members and teachers, a proven curriculum, the highest standards for excellence, and a strong partnership with parents, the foundation we provide for children not only meets, but also exceeds parents’ expectations. We know that With the Right Foundation, Anything is Possible®.

Staff Training and Development provides the opportunity to improve role modeling abilities and teaching skills. Parents have told us that the quality and expertise of the staff is an important part of the Primrose Experience for themselves and for their children. We realize that training is a vital part of what makes our teachers successful in the classroom. Each teacher undergoes an extensive initial orientation as part of his or her training. We also have processes in place to mentor teachers, evaluate and partner with them, participate in their classrooms, and observe and retrain them as necessary to ensure they are supported and successful. Staff members must meet annual requirements for continual learning and development.

Staff Testimonial

I have been very blessed that my grandaughter is attending primrose again this year you may or may not know that being a granparent has many blessings as also many stressors. Her mother and father did their homework a couple of years ago and chose Primrose for my granddaughter to attend. Within the first week this school/play showed alot of promise to come. My granddaughter was making new friends, and had a thirst for learning each day. Although she has moved up to the next class I would like to thank Mrs Garrison and Mrs Cox for the love and patience they exhibited throughout the school year. Want to know how I knew what happened in the classroom? Listen to the little ears. They will mock what they have seen and heard. More often than not my granddaughter wanted to play school. The tough decision for her was she going to play Mrs Garrison or Mrs Cox. Yes we played teacher many days. Parents listen they will emulate what they have seen and heard. Thank for the staff's help and encouragement. And we look forward to a new year and all of the excitement that it brings. Thanks again, Kathy Dilts