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Apr 2015
by Dr. Laura Jana | Health & Wellness, Child Development, Education | 0

Ask just about any parent what he or she wants most for their child and you will likely hear something like this: “All I want is for him to be happy,” or, “More than anything else, I want her to feel good about her

Apr 2015
by Dr. Steve Sanders | Health & Wellness, Child Development, Family | 0

It’s no secret that today’s children do not participate in as much physical fitness as children in previous generations, hence the childhood obesity epidemic our country is currently facing.

Apr 2015
by Brad Miller | Family | 0

When it comes to manners, I do it by the book. That’s how we did it in my house growing up – we put napkins in laps, let others go before us, said "sir" and "ma'am," and we always, always, always held doors for ladies.

Mar 2015
by Dr. Gloria Julius | Child Development, Education | 0

Among the many skills we want to teach our children early in life, character is often taken for granted. Many parents hope character will come naturally as their child grows and gains more life experience. Unfortunately, the research says otherwise.


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