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Jul 2014
by Sarah Thompson | Safety | 0

Oh, sweet summertime – pools, vacations, barbecues and stifling heat. Okay, one of those things isn’t so sweet. The summer is a great time for family fun, but the heat can wrinkle your plans, especially for kids.

Jul 2014
by Ann Dunaway Teh | Health & Wellness | 0

Do you ever get half way through the afternoon and find yourself reaching for some caffeine to help make it through the end of the day? Afternoon slumps are common for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Jul 2014
by Brad Miller | Child Development, Family | 0

Infants go from 0 to toddler in, like, 30 days. It’s a big change and upright mobility is only part of it. Just as remarkable, for me, was how much louder our house got when Bennett became a toddler. The only thing infants do loudly is cry.

Jul 2014
by Ryan Swanson | Family | 0

It’s hard to believe that I’ll soon be celebrating my second baby’s first birthday. The year has gone by so fast in many ways, yet some of the days (and many sleepless nights) seemed to stretch on forever.


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