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Mar 2015
by Dr. Gloria Julius | Child Development, Education | 0

Among the many skills we want to teach our children early in life, character is often taken for granted. Many parents hope character will come naturally as their child grows and gains more life experience. Unfortunately, the research says otherwise.

Mar 2015
by Jo Kirchner | Child Development, Education | 0

Between time with my family, work and a never-ending list of to-dos, it seems every week just flies by. That’s why I cherish that I am an early riser who sets aside quiet time for reading every morning.

Mar 2015
by Lynn Louise Wonders | Health & Wellness, Family | 0

What do you get when you mix a picky eater with a food he or she strongly resists – and then toss in a dash of frustration from an exasperated parent?

Mar 2015
by Dr. Steve Sanders | Health & Wellness, Child Development | 0

Contrary to popular belief, motor development – how the body and muscles intentionally move – does not naturally occur with age. Just like learning to read or play the piano, practice is required to learn and develop motor skills.


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