Staff Training and Development

Staff Training & Development

Primrose Schools Continual Learning Program for the Benefit of the Children Entrusted to Our Care

Primrose Schools is committed to providing professional development and continual learning for all staff members. This preparation and ongoing guidance and support enable our valued staff members to succeed and to create a rich learning environment for your child. We want to ensure that each child is safe, happy and learning. At Primrose, well-prepared teachers are key components of our Balanced Learning System and to the effectiveness of our quality programming.

Franchise owners and school management team members from across the country come to the Primrose Schools' Support Center campus in Atlanta to attend classes at the Primrose School of Education. They learn what they need to know to successfully run a Primrose school, from leadership to business management to implementation of the Balanced Learning curriculum. Primrose Schools has established a Continual Learning Plan that defines all of the initial and ongoing training that franchise owners, management team members, and teachers are required to complete to ensure excellence in our schools. Training is updated every year to address changes in the curriculum and programming as part of our continuous improvement process at Primrose.

As part of our AdvancED™ Corporation Systems Accreditation, we are held accountable for ensuring that all schools follow the Continual Learning Plan. We monitor the training process continuously through our internal Standard of Excellence quality-assurance program. Each school receives onsite quality assurance reviews that include the monitoring of ongoing training, support, and guidance for all teachers. 

Preparing Management to Support the Success of Teachers

Franchise owners and management teams receive extensive training in all operational policies and procedures, our Balanced Learning curriculum, and classroom programming.

This training focuses on the following areas in preparing the Primrose school staff to succeed:

  • Developing and strengthening leadership skills
  • Supporting the teaching teams through initial orientation
  • Providing continual learning through observation, feedback, and ongoing training
  • Valuing each individual's contribution to the team.
  • Setting goals to enable each team member to continuously improve teaching and professional skills.

Preparing Teachers for a High-Quality Early Childhood Education Classroom

Our goal is to create a “community of learners” at each school that is passionate about providing the best early childhood education experience for each child.

To meet that goal, Primrose Schools requires the following:

  • General orientation for all staff members
  • Education for staff members about the Primrose history and culture, philosophy of education, vision, mission, and all policies and procedures
  • Balanced Learning curriculum and Programming Orientation
  • Training specific to each classroom program to provide a thorough understanding of the Balanced Learning philosophy, the learning domains or subjects addressed in the curriculum, the standards and learning outcomes that identify teaching and learning objectives for each class, and the Balanced Learning curriculum that will enable children to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Observation of teachers' relationships with children, classroom management, and instructional strategies
  • Regular observation and monitoring of the classroom by management team members, to look for identified teacher behaviors that promote children's engagement, social skills, independence, and learning.

Primrose Schools partners with parents to nurture and educate children. For more than thirty years, parents have trusted Primrose Schools to provide The Right Foundation to build Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Hearts.

All Primrose staff members are CPR/First Aid Certified and meet or exceed all state licensing and regulatory requirements for orientation, ongoing professional development, and background, criminal history, and reference checks.