Balanced Learning ® Philosophy

The Primrose Balanced Learning® philosophy is based on the sound research and best practices of renowned early education experts such as Arnold Gesell, Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erickson.  Each of these experts offered different perspectives on the most important aspects of early education.   Our Balanced Learning philosophy is named as such because we balance these theories in our curriculum.

  • Child Initiated: Experts such as Montessori, Gesell, and Piaget believed that a child’s physical and cognitive development occur over time in predictable, sequential stages or milestones. As your child plays and interacts with her environment, she constructs meaning about how the world works. In essence, she takes charge of her own learning. In the Primrose classroom, your child has ample opportunities to choose her own learning activities during Children’s Choice Centers, Learning Rotations, and outdoor play.
  • Teacher Guided: Experts such as Vygotsky believe that children learn about their world best by interacting with people. These theorists believe that children will reach their full potential through guidance and modeling by adults. In the Primrose classroom, trained teachers help your child stretch his mind by demonstrating, asking questions, encouraging, and guiding. These activities include the repetition and practice that experts believe play an important role in memory and retention.
  • Social-Emotional: Whether initiating learning on her own or being guided by teachers, you can be comfortable knowing that your child feels safe and emotionally secure. Your child develops a sense of trust because teachers give her unparalleled personal attention, care, and guidance. Teachers understand Erickson’s emotional stages that guide them in responding to the feelings of your child.
  • Character Development: As your child discovers and expands his intellectual capabilities and self-worth, he also learns the value of being responsible and treating others with honesty and respect. Primrose puppet friends help teach and remind your child about essential character traits and behaviors that help him become an engaged citizen.

The Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy drives the decisions we make as we develop curriculum, assessments, and other learning experiences for your child. Integrated Theme-Based Units of Learning allow your child to balance her learning among each of the seven learning domains. 

Our Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy is one of the main reasons parents tell us that they choose Primrose.