Our Learning Philosophy - The Balanced Learning System

The Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy drives the decisions we make related to curriculum, teaching, and learning. Integrated Theme-Based Units of Learning enable our teachers to address multiple learning domains with a balance of

instructional strategies and activities that support children’s development as well-rounded individuals. Our Primrose Balanced Learning philosophy is one of the main reasons parents tell us that they choose Primrose. The Primrose Balanced Learning System includes our Balanced Learning philosophy and curriculum, multiple forms of assessment, teacher training, and accompanying instructional materials and equipment. The Balanced Learning System components provide high-quality educational experiences that support children’s development and build a foundation for elementary school. The System components address multiple aspects of growth: social-emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical at different stages of development.

Our Curriculum Experts

A dedicated team of early childhood professionals created and oversees the research-based Primrose curriculum. The Primrose Schools Education Advisory Board is composed of leading experts and researchers in fields related to early childhood education, child development and health, teacher training, and professional development.