Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

My daughter started off at a church school at the age of 18 months and continued until she was almost 3. My husband and I felt we needed to relocate her to a place which had a strong curriculum with a loving staff. After touring and re-touring several schools we decided to start her during the summer at the Primrose School in Buford. I have to admit that we started with great skepticism, but after we got to know the owner, the director of curriculum, and our daughter's teacher, we became believers. We have seen such great progression in our daughter's personal growth and academic growth that we are blown away. She has learned so much, including beginners writing within months! We cant preach enough about how wonderful Primrose School of Buford has been for our daughter. From the extremely friendly and loving front office staff to the super teacher Ms. Rachel, who is adored by my daughter. We are proud to be a part of the Primrose School of Buford family and would recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially "picky" parents like us. We Love Primrose and hope to continue her for as long as we can!

Kashmira Khimani

This summer, my son had the best experience at Primrose at Ironbridge! I was concerned with some issues and felt that he needed a different, more structured environment. When I met with the Director, Karen Bowen, I was sold immediately by the friendly and professional attitude of Mrs. Bowen, the cleaniness of the school (and classrooms), the politeness and behaviors of the students, and the general welcomeness of all staff members. During the summer, my 4 year old, had more opportunities for new experiences and field trips then I could have ever imagined. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL, and truly hope to return next summer with my now 5 year son and his 9 year old sister! It is a great place with great people, and well worth every penny!

Angela Conley

Primrose School at Crossroads Park is the highlight of my job career. I have enjoyed working here for the past 4 years. I started out as a Young Toddler and Explorers teacher and worked my way up to the Office Administrator. My 7 year old Johnny has attended Primrose for the past 4 years as well. I can not thank the wonderful teachers and staff that helped him become who he is today. He has progressed not only academically but socially as well.

Jessica Gordon

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