Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

We have been a Primrose family for five years and counting, and what a great experience it has been! Leah started at Primrose when she was just 13 weeks old and graduated from Pre-K in June. Allison also started as an infant and is currently in the PS2 class. When we were originally looking for school for Leah, Primrose was the first and last place we visited. After spending just 5 minutes talking with “Miss Lilly” in the infant room, we knew this was the place for us! The curriculum at Primrose is excellent; but of course, the heart and soul of the school are the teachers and staff. Our girls have come to think of them as family and it’s so obvious how much love and care they receive from their teachers. Leah and Allison often play “school” at home with their stuffed animals, while pretending to be one of their teachers. It brings us joy as parents to see how much they look-up to, and adore, their Primrose family.

Michael Fricke

I won't be able to say these words without crying so I'm putting it in an email. Please share with Patty, Angie, Tammy, Bill & Ms. Scott. Today being Taryn's last day at Primrose is a sad day for me. While she is excited to start kindergarten, I'm terrified for her to be leaving the place I feel so comfortable and confident in.
I honestly can't thank you all enough for your love, support, care, patience (lord knows you've all needed it with my strong willed little girl) and guidance over the last 5 years. Taryn wouldn't be who she is today without the influence each of you, and the rest of the amazing staff, has had on her life. Leaving Taryn, my baby, to pursue a career remains the hardest decision I've ever made and you all made that decision a little easier each year.
To see the teachers that Taryn had as a baby still on staff 5 yrs later speaks wonders about the kind of school you run & I know many of them were there long before Taryn was.

Stephen & I will be forever grateful for each of you!

Thank you!
Julie Schulze

Julie Schulze

We are so glad our two granddaughters attend Primrose Anson-Zionsville. Not only are they in a safe, protected environment, but they are also exposed daily to high quality child development and extracurricular activities. The facility is warm and inviting.  The staff is friendly and caring.  Our granddaughters are going to be well prepared when they enter the public/private school systems. What more could you ask for!

Gary & Cheryl Schwartz

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