Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

This school is, by far, one of the best investments we have made in both of our children's educational, emotional, and social development! My son was WAY ahead of the game in kindergarten after his experience in K4 kinder at Riverwoods. This school is run by a solid management staff who values each child and their family. They employ only the highest quality teachers and are very diligent to allow for further teacher development and education. I would recommend this school to anyone. Its not just the Primrose name, but the staff who make this school a place where children of ALL levels and abilities can grow and develop core skills and values. Thank You Primrose of RIVERWOODS!


We have been at primrose vista lakes for 3 years. I love the teachers and how caring and supportive they are to the children. They are very thorough in their care and knowledge of the day's events. They also take the time to acknowledge all three of my children whether they still attend primrose or have moved on to the big kids school. Every teacher seems to know the name of every student. We have been very happy with primrose and their willingness to accommodate our children's ever changing needs.


Just wanted to send a note to say what an exceptional staff you have.. not sure if everyone feels the way we do, but you've got a fantastic group there! They are taking extra special care of our little Brandt and Evane goes to Ms. Sam every morning (not crying!). It makes my day much easier when I walk in and Ms. Angie will take Brandt for me, or the girls in the class will get him (Erica, Alyssa, Chrissy), and put his bottles up while I take Evane to class. They also take his car seat most mornings or get it in the afternoon and pack Brandt's bag! They are very informative about how he was that day.. it just makes a Mom feel good to know her baby is in good hands. Also, Ms. Mandy.. she's a real gem! I've mentioned a few by name, but in reality they're all above the norm. I'm sure you've expressed to your staff how much that extra mile means to parents (also customer loyalty). Thank you for having an extraordinary school! We are truly blessed by you and your staff.

Sincere thanks,
The Tidwells


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