Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

Upon my return into the workforce, I was quite reluctant to seeking a place that would best meet the needs of my daughter. She stayed out of child care for about a year and half-then once I was ready to try a child care facility, one can imagine I was with great worry. Nonetheless, my daughter had gone through two child care facilities with the last one really being a great disappointment.

After continued searching to find a child care center to fit what I wanted for my daughter, I recalled hearing about Primrose. So, I did some research, took a tour, and decided that this would be the final decision that I could make for the best care of my child. Lo and behold I hit the jackpot! I was so smitten by the ambiance of the school. The way the teachers and staff members treated the children and parents; along with the structure of the school and how they educate the children on an advanced level that is fitting for their age group. My daughter is ALWAYS happy, she speaks very well for a 2 1/2 year old. She almost acts like a 4/5 year old in certain situation. Moreover, she adores her teachers as-well-as friends...it was in that moment, that I knew the decision that I made to send my daughter to Primrose, was the best decision I'd made on her behalf.

I know when it is time for my daughter to move on the grade school, she will be well prepared. I would highly recommend this school for any parent seeking to have a place that is more than just standard child care, but a place that nurtures, loves, creates, explores, educates, inspires, prepares, and embraces the need to care for your child during your absence.

I am forever grateful to Primrose for how they care for my daughter.

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson

We have two boys who attend Primrose of Holly Grove. We cannot recommend this school with greater enthusiasm or confidence. Our experience has been and continues to be a remarkable one. Every member of the Primrose HG staff is committed to providing excellent care for our children and support for parents. For instance, on any given day while walking through the halls, teachers from other classes will speak to you and call your child by name! How encouraging!! We honestly know our children are being cared for, loved and offered an amazing education to prepare them academically and socially for the years ahead.

Becki Leeland

Our daughter, Olivia, has attended Primrose School of the Woodlands at Creekside Park since it has been open. The staff and the teachers provide a safe and warm environment that made my child enjoy her initial learning experience. She is excited to learn. This is directly related to the activities that occur in the classroom every day. She was exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities and was evaluated thoroughly. The feedback from this evaluation process was communicated to the parents in a very organized fashion. It allowed my wife and I to understand Olivia's strengths and weaknesses, so that we could work with her at home. We are very appreciative of our local Primrose campus and would highly recommend it to other families in our area. Thank you, T. Eric Nelson MD

Todd Eric Nelson

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