Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

Like all mom's I was very concerned about leaving my child at day care and more so than usual because my child has severe food allergies and needs a lot of attention. I looked around at a lot of expensive and private ones but finally chose Primrose at John's Creek. The staff is very helpful, attentive, caring and friendly. From day 1 my son loves going to his day care. My son is a hyper active child and this place has helped channelize his energy towards constructive things :) while keeping the fun alive. He is growing up to be such a happy and positive child and we personally believe this school and staff play a major role in that. Thank you so much for taking such good care our little one.

Keerti Rao B

I love Primrose @ Parkwood Hill! The staff is so wonderful and the director is very nice, professional, caring, and attentive to the children! They call me with updates big or small and have employed a new system where I get to see pictures of my daughter throughout the day having fun. This staff is a God sent and as a first time mama going back to work and leaving my 3 month old in their hands, that is all I could ask for. They have done an amazing job with my sweet girl and she has blossomed since I enrolled her! There is a waiting list because this place is SO good, so do what I did and register your little pumpkin as early as you can (I registered her when I was 7 months pregnant!).

Katie Blalock

I think one of the hardest things parents will ever have to do in their parental lifetime is leave their child behind at a daycare. The thought of having to leave your child behind with utter strangers is not only worrisome, but also very, very sad for both the child and the parent(s). I don’t think it is something that parents will ever be completely comfortable with, but in my experience, Primrose School of Arrowhead is about as good as you can get aside from staying home with your child and in some ways it may be better. My wife and I did a lot of research and inspected a lot of preschools/daycare facilities before we found Primrose School of Arrowhead. Sad to say, but a lot of the places we visited were dirty and very smelly. Gross! We also found it difficult to find places where the staff did not scare us away. A lot of them seemed like former addicts, or perhaps current drug addicts, or in the very least people who have made some poor decisions in their life. Not exactly the kind of people you want watching over your kids. If you asked them how long they have worked there, the common response was usually a few months. Some places seemed overly structured and overly strict which we found equally scary as easy going parents. In our minds, preschools should be a fun and happy place. After a few weeks of searching, we began to wonder if we would ever find a safe and comfortable place for our daughter. Fortunately, we came upon Primrose School of Arrowhead and upon entry into the place we knew we had found what we were looking for. The place was clean, organized, and most notably calm. Many of the other places we visited not only seemed dirty, but also chaotic and poorly managed. The other thing that was also very apparent to us was the quality of the people that worked at Primrose. They all seemed like us…normal good hearted people. We found everyone there to be very professional, friendly, and most of all trustworthy. There are many things I like about Primrose School of Arrowhead, but the one thing that stuck out to me the most was their garden. As an avid gardener, I find it very interesting that the owners of this place felt it important enough to include a garden into the design of their school. It’s a minor detail, but for me it is the showcase of their philosophies and values. To me, it always provided a nice feel having pumpkins and sunflowers growing on the property. I also liked the fact at they have not scrubbed the American holidays out of their program like so many other schools these days. They still celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas like they should while remaining sensitive to other religions and beliefs. I was also impressed with vastness of the school’s playgrounds. There is more than enough room for the kids to sprawl out and achieve maximum velocity while also having the option to play on any one of the large shaded jungle gyms. One major thing that my wife and I really liked was its location. Primrose School of Arrowhead is not one of those typical daycares centers that sit on the corner of a busy intersection prone to traffic noise, car exhaust, car accidents, and homeless meanderers. Primrose of Arrowhead is nicely tucked away from all that craziness. It’s quiet and peaceful. Most preschool/daycare facilities are made up entirely of women, which to be honest, I prefer because you rarely, if ever, hear of women molesting children, but I have to say I like knowing that the owner, Mark Parrone, is on site for multiple reasons. I like it from a safety and security standpoint, I like it from a general emergency response standpoint, and I like it from a general influence standpoint. I think it is good having a male role model walking the halls and engaging with the kids. Not only have I come to trust Mr. Parrone, I have also come to like him very much. He offers a perfect blend of professionalism and seriousness which I would expect from someone in charge of children, while also being very lighthearted and silly which I also expect from someone in charge of children. Mr. Parrone is a very likeable guy and a big part of why we chose Primrose. I cannot complete my review of Primrose School of Arrowhead without stating my sincere appreciation for my daughter’s primary teacher Ms. Griggs. My daughter absolutely loves her and we are grateful for all she has done for our daughter. Because of Ms. Griggs, my wife and I could go to work each and every day in peace knowing that she was watching over our daughter, which is a monumental statement if you think about it. Thank you Ms. Griggs! Perhaps the greatest testimonial I can give about Primrose School of Arrowhead is the fact that my daughter never wanted to leave…she would actually get mad at me if I picked her up earlier than normal. She always wanted to stay just a little bit longer. Last and certainly not least is the education my daughter received while at Primrose. To be honest, our daughter has learned far more at Primrose than she ever would have being one of those stay at home kids. From socialization skills to preparatory education, my daughter is more than ready for kindergarten as promised. Thanks to all the staff members of Primrose School of Arrowhead for all that you have done for our daughter…we will miss you.

Adam and Colleen Wynn

Adam Wynn

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