Ann Marie Gardner

I am so happy that these are the people taking care of my son two days a week! If he wasn't in therapy the other three days, he would absolutely be full time.

What drew us to Primrose was the music program. We love that music is incorporated into the learning and not just background noise. We were very impressed that the owner gave us a tour when we showed up without an appointment and how often we still see the owners at school. It feels like everyone at Primrose School of Hunter's Creek know our children by name which shows us that every child is an individual and not just a number. We are excited to watch our boys grow and thrive in this environment!

Michele Klose

My son enrolled at Primrose Chase Oaks in January 2015, and he is so happy. He is not just a student there, but aN actual PERSON. Regardless of the class he's in, every teacher at Primrose knows him and greets and teaches him like he is her own. I'm glad we joined the Primrose family, and every day that I'm greeted by Ms. Tammy and Ms. Bailey is a constant reminder that our family chose the right school!

Danielle Bailey

Danielle Bailey

Over the past 5 years, Primrose Stone Brooke has truly become our family. Both my kids, now 5 and 2, have been at Primrose since they were infants. We have been so lucky to have the most incredible teachers, who not only teach our kids the skills they will need to be successful in school, but they also teach them life skills. I am always impressed when my kids come home with a vast knowledge of math, science, computer skills, art, Spanish, and writing and reading, but I also love that they have learned manners, how to make new friends, be respectful of others, and even how to handle conflict among friends. I believe that the teachers we have had show my kids love and compassion on a daily basis while also being structured and consistent with their expectations of the students. They do a great job of assessing students needs, both educational and emotional, and they do everything they can to make sure the kids are safe, happy, having fun, and learning. We love that our Primrose brings in all sorts of educational opportunities for our kids. They love seeing Mr. David, watching puppet shows, magicians, guest readers, cooking with chefs, and playing with Coach Sugar Plum on sports days. My kids also love all the parades and fun days that our Primrose builds into their calendar. Our Primrose is the best because of the people that work there, from the front office staff, to the teachers, to the chef, everyone is there to take care of kids. Because of their hard work, my kids are happy and my husband and I are able to go to work everyday feeling confident that our kids are getting the very best care possible. The Primrose experience is the best!

Shelly Spaulding

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